About P&G Construction

Proudly Servicing North Alabama Since 1951
Our Company

At P&G Construction we handle all types of of construction.  Whether you need residential, commercial, industrial, or any other type of general construction, we can do it.


We work closely with your insurance agency to provide unique solutions to whatever life has thrown at you.  We are forward thinkers, and we enjoy the feeling of leaving you in a better situation than before we began.


Nothing is more important to us than the saftey of our clients and our associates.  We are both licensed and insured for the state of Alabama and we follow a rigorous safety protocol plan in every job we do.

Disaster Construction

Nothing is worse than having to endure a natural disaster.  At P&G Construction, we make the rebuilding process easy for you. Our trained professionals are always standing by to help when mother nature knocks down your door.

TEL:  1-800-844-8783

FAX:  1-256-576-0046